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Assemblywoman Schiavo’s Critical Legislation Sent to Governor’s Desk - Meeting Legislative Deadline

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo announced today that at the close of the Legislative session, seven key pieces of her authored legislation are now on the Governor’s desk. The legislation put forth by the Assemblywoman prioritizes issues most important to the community, including housing affordability, real solutions to homelessness, healthcare access, community safety and environmental protections. The Governor has until October 14th to make a decision on whether to sign or veto bills.

“I came to Sacramento to start delivering on day one and to make progress on the issues that matter most to our community. The bills now awaiting the Governor’s signature will do just that,” said Assemblywoman Schiavo. “I am so proud of the bipartisan support and common sense solutions we brought forth in this legislation on issues ranging from housing to homelessness to healthcare, I look forward to the Governor signing these policies into law.”

The legislation currently on the Governor’s desk includes:

Housing and Homelessness

  • IDs for Low Income & Unhoused Californians (AB 464)
    Provides free ID, driver’s license, and vital records such as birth certificates and marriage records for people experiencing homelessness or who meet low income program requirements. For those working to get on their feet these are critical documents that are needed to get jobs, housing, education and important services.
  • Streamline Affordable & Homeless Housing Financing (AB 519)
    Creates a workgroup tasked with removing red tape and streamlining the statewide affordable and homeless housing funding process to get housing built for those who need it the most - as quickly as possible.
  • Removing Barriers for Affordable Housing Development (AB 911)
    Streamlines the purchasing of property for 100% affordable housing development by allowing for the removal of restrictive density requirements prior to purchase of properties, allowing for faster delivery of affordable homes throughout California.


  • Postpartum Perinatal & Infant Care (AB 608)
    Provides nurturing, supportive and culturally competent postpartum care for new moms enrolled in Medi-Cal for a full year after a pregnancy ends.
  • Allowing Electronic Signatures for Health Releases (AB 1697)
    Allows individuals to more quickly access the care they need by honoring electronic signatures for certain medical releases while ensuring individuals have clear access to copies of releases they’ve signed electronically.

Community Safety and Environmental Protections

  • Community Water Protection (AB 1631)
    Co-Authored with Senator Wilk, this bill requires the State Water Board to issue a new notice and provide an opportunity for protests for mining projects that haven’t been ruled on in over thirty years unless the Board holds a hearing. This allows for new environmental data to be brought into the discussion of the proposed CEMEX mine in Santa Clarita - which would be the second largest gravel mine in the United States that threatens to pollute our community’s water source.
  • Banning Hazardous Chemicals in Astroturf (AB 1423)
    Prohibits the manufacture or sale of artificial turf that contain the toxic forever chemicals (PFAS) beginning in 2026.

Supporting and Coauthored Legislation

Assemblywoman Schiavo was also the co-author and key supporter of many critical pieces of legislation now awaiting the Governor’s signature, including:

  • Tougher Penalties on Human Trafficking of Minors (SB 14)
    Designates human trafficking of a minor for purposes of a commercial sex act as a “serious felony,” making it a strike for purposes of the Three Strikes Law. After critical amendments protecting victims of human trafficking, the Assemblywoman spoke on the Assembly floor in support of SB 14 and voted to support this important bipartisan bill that will help tackle the growing crisis of human trafficking.
  • Fentanyl Overdose Prevention in School (AB 19)
    Requires schools with a school nurse or trained personnel to keep at least two doses of naloxone hydrochloride or another opioid antagonist (aka: Narcan) on its campus for lifesaving use in the event of a fentanyl overdose by students.
  • Removing Red Tape and High Costs for Outdoor Dining (AB 1217)
    Legislation to sustain outdoor dining across California and help neighborhood restaurants stay afloat has passed the legislature with strong bipartisan support and is already on the Governor’s desk. Assemblywoman Schiavo is a principal co-author with Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel of the San Fernando Valley.

Two Year Bills Still Pending:

In addition to the bills moving the Governor, Assemblymember Schiavo has already fully passed a bill protecting seniors and the disabled community from abuse and crimes (AB 751) and from attacks on Medicare (AJR 4). Because this is the first year of a two year legislative session, multiple bills by Schiavo will also be taken up by the legislature when they return in January, in addition to giving an opportunity to introduce new legislation. Schiavo two year bills include legislation to address our fire insurance crisis (AB 1269), gun safety (AB 1133), sick days for nurses and healthcare workers (AB 1359), and voter protections (AB 1663), and protections for women’s health and access to abortion healthcare (AB 602).