Ramos: ‘We are stricken but not fallen’ as state learns of historic budget deficit

For immediate release:

Assemblymember James C. Ramos (D-Highland) today issued the following statement upon learning of the state’s $54.3 state budget deficit:

We solve problems by facing them squarely. Today, Governor Gavin Newsom outlined in grim detail the grave magnitude of the damage COVID-19 has imposed on California’s fiscal health.

Only a few months ago California was expecting a surplus of more than $21 billion. Next week we will learn how the governor proposes meeting a historic deficit of $54.3 billion, and the Legislature will begin the task of assessing state priorities and resources. Difficult choices and hard work by previous administrations and legislatures allowed the state to build a strong reserve. Now, it is up to this governor and this Legislature to again make difficult choices as we steer California through the storm.

We are stricken but not fallen. As a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, I will work with my colleagues to maintain public health and safety, resources for mental health and the most vulnerable. It is essential that we rebuild California’s workforce and economy. Restoring and reinvigorating business growth will be critical to reviving our state’s fiscal health. Achieving these goals will require unprecedented sacrifices and cooperation free of partisanship and politics. Critically needed moving forward is federal assistance to the states. Without that assistance, California and the other 49 states will suffer hardship not endured since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

It is now our duty to meet the great challenges flowing from the pandemic so we can assure the future of our communities, state and nation. Please hold us in your prayers and thoughts as we address this burden.


Assemblymember James Ramos proudly represents the 40th Assembly district which includes Highland, Loma Linda, Mentone, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, and San Bernardino.